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Community Wildfire Protection Plan request and updated site
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Thu, Jul 2, 2009 AM
Hi Yorkies,

First off, I'm in the process of updating the York Gulch web site.  A request from (below) has prompted me to go ahead publish the site (same address of www.yorkgulch.com).
Because the original site contained so much information (that I can't possibly replace in good time), I've retained it and it can be accessed from the new home page or directly at www.yorkgulch.com/index.htm
Please email me with any suggestions or corrections you may have.  I will, over time, continue to migrate prior articles and get the minutes and other sections updated and enhanced.

As to the main purpose of this email; At the annual picnic/meeting, John Chapman asked folks to to help prioritize the mitigation actions listed in Chapter 5, Table 8 of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (June 15th draft) created for the Fall River Watershed.  The document has been posted on the www.yorkgulch.com site at the following location: CWPP Document

has requested that people in the neighborhood contact him to provide their prioritizations of the items in the table or to add their own additional actions/items.  Matt can be emailed at the following address:   He'd like to get the information back by July 12th so that the document can be finished up and presented to the County and State.


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