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GCCHLA Board Meeting Minutes - June 27, 2009

GCCHLA MEETING August 12, 2009 (Unapproved)

Location: DePoyster Residence

Time: 7:11PM

Adjourned:  8:07PM

Attendees (Board Members/Alternates):

Beckel, Laurie
DePoyster, Curtis & Tina
Gallaher, Dave
Karshbaum, Amy Sue
Ligget, John
Huntoon, Heather
Taylor, Matt & Missy

Next Meeting: September 19th, 2009

Previous Meeting Acceptance: The previous meeting minutes were accepted. 

MAILBOXES – Heather presented a US Postal Service letter received by GCCHLA granting permission to move the York Gulch/Fall River mailboxes to a safer and less contentious location near the fire house.  The letter was sent by USPS in response to a request sent by resident board member, Jim Vogt, outlining the many road & safety hazards incurred by the present location of the mailboxes.  Concern about the mailbox location has also been raised by the owner of the property upon which the mailboxes currently sit.

As the relocation moves forward the following points should be made:

  • Residents of York Gulch will have one of two ways to receive mail.  Either purchase a
  1. Unit in the new York Gulch cluster Mailboxes; or
  2. P.O. Box in Idaho Springs post office. 
  • The expected purchase price for one of the cluster boxes is a one-time fee of approximately $100.  The box is associated with the property address and would go with the sale of the property to any future owner;
  • There are two goals in moving the mailboxes
  1. Increasing safety by moving from the increasingly busy and dangerous Fall River/York Gulch location; and
  2. Getting them off of the current private property location.
  • Jim Vogt has volunteered to consult w/ Kelly Babeon and any other necessary parties to determine/finalize the location.  The number of boxes and size could play a role in that decision.
  • The typical cost for a mailbox cluster unit, comprised of 13 boxes is $1250.  To that must be added the cost of the pedestal and potentially the cost of the cement foundation.  This is where the $100 estimated cost comes from.
  • There are currently 35 mailboxes at the present location.
  • Postal Service will advise as to method of removal and timing.
  • There is a chance that the USPS may require and even pay for the initial cement pouring & foundation.  More to follow on that.
  • The hope is that the two addresses at the bottom of York Gulch will be able to move their mailboxes to their actual properties (since they will be on the delivery route).  But this will remain TBD.

YORK GULCH FIRE STATION – Heather reported that Kelly Babeon seems content w/ the 3-4 York Gulch Fire House volunteers that are presently serving.  There are no new volunteers at this time.

USFS FEES (Discussion Topic) – Why do we pay Forest Service Fees?  What will happen if we don’t?

Daniel Lavato, USFS District Supervisor has been officially invited to speak on this topic at the GCCHLA Annual Meeting/Picnic in September.  Confirmation from Dan has not yet been received. 

It was also requested to invite Patti Turecek to the Annual for discussion of the Phase II Acquisition process, if she is in fact appointed to this task for the FS.

YORK GULCH ZONE DELINEATION – Heather suggested the delineation of York Gulch Zones for such purposes as mapping & communication, road bids, etc.  It was expressed that the delineation could hurt and/or fragment the GCCHLA as a whole but could also lead to having zone representatives that could serve on the Board.  Heather motioned to approve the creation of zones for York Gulch.  Curtis & John second the motion.   It was approved unanimously and decided that Heather would put together a flyer about the zone delineations for the Annual meeting. 

The removal of one culvert on Chinook took place, for safety purposes.  Rusty plans to place the culvert in another location on that end of Redtail Ridge Rd., most likely just below the Panelo’s.  The folks who use that end of Redtail agree to pay the cost of Rusty’s placement, $100.

Old Stage Road may be closed in the near future for culvert construction.  Residents of Old Stage may need to use an alternate access to get home.

County Culvert Work – It was duly noted by Jim and Matt that the County R&B Dept. should be commended (thanked) for the great job on the newly-constructed, York Gulch culverts.  Heather agreed to send a THANK YOU to the R&B Dept.

FALL GRADING – Heather requested road grading bids from 6 different companies.  Two of them flat out refused the location.  Three companies wouldn’t do it unless it accompanied large amounts of road base and GCCHLA simply cannot afford road base this fall.  Don Blair Excavating(DBE) submitted a paper bid for $4500 to do the upper loop w/ a 12‘ blade w/out stray rock removal but will include an itemization of each segment’s cost.  Heather asked if he would reduce the bid to $4000 but DBE said the bid was firm and declined the counter-offer.   Matt motioned to approve the $4500 road grading bid; second motion extended by John; motion approved, grading bid accepted.  Grading will include Upper York Gulch, ForgetMeNot, Overlooked(only up to DePoysters due to narrowness of road beyond), Mule Deer and Meadow. 

The Excavator/Grader will also do driveways for time & material cost.  It was agreed that anyone who would like their driveway done will need to contact Heather w/ their phone number, mailing and physical addresses and pay $200 in advance for the excavation cost.  Driveway cost will vary depending on current conditions, length, etc.  However, if you have a driveway similar to Gallaher’s, it is likely to cost approximately $100.
Note: "$200 in advance" overtaken by later events. DBE has agreed to  billing people individually so paying the HOA in advance is not  required.

Road base has become a near-future reality that will need to be addressed, or at very least assessed.  It was suggested to have a foot race or the like for the original goal of raising money to improve non-maintained roads.  The topic has been added to the Annual meeting agenda and will be brought up w/ Daniel Lavato, particularly regarding Bald Mtn. Lane and its present condition due to ATV & dirt bike use.  It is also an emergency access/evac for York Gulch in the event of York Gulch, Fall River closure. 

The date for the GCCHLA Annual Meeting & Potluck has been tentatively set for September 19th.

The agenda for the Annual meeting was discussed and the following items have been suggested/approved:

USFS Fees & FS Roads w/ Daniel Lavato, USFS & Phase II w/ Patti Turecek, New mailbox meeting sign-up?, CWPP Grant $ discussion w/ Matt and Road improvement for wildfire access/evac, Future road plans and RACE FOR THE BASE planning/open discussion, and zone delineations.  

ANNUAL MAILINGS – Heather requested GCCHLA annual mailing ideas, in addition to the annual potluck and mailbox news & meeting, Race for the Base will be added for community involvement.


Phase II w/ USFS, still awaiting word from USFS appointee.

York Gulch road assessment, road base?  What was the plan?  What is the plan?

Rocky Mtn. wildfires are a concern for next year, consider emergency access & evac w/ present alternate route conditions.

Treasurer’s Report:

  Emergency Fund Checking:$283.15
  Emergency Fund Savings:$9,620.65
  Homeowner’s Checking:$245.02
  Homeowner’s Savings:$6,100.83
  Total Accounts:$16,249.65

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