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GCCHLA Board Meeting and Annual Picnic Minutes - June 19, 2010

GCCHLA MEETING June 19th, 2010 

Location: Overlooked Way Meadow
Time: 2:30PM
Adjourned:  4:00PM
Attendees (Board Members/Alternates):
Vogt, Jim
VanGeet, Otto
Aragon, Karen
Bottomley, John
DePoyster, Curtis
Gallaher, Judy & Dave
Taylor, Matt & Missy 

Next Meeting: TBD
Previous Meeting Acceptance: Forgot to do - will do at next meeting

The meeting followed the annual neighborhood cleanup and picnic.


  • The meeting was started by going around the people in attendance at the picnic.  In attendance for the meeting were: Jim Vogt, Bob Doane, Otto VanGeet, Larry Kramer, Dave & Judy Gallaher, Sandra Butler, Don Keim, Matt & Missy Taylor, Curtis DePoyster, John Bottomley, Tim Wheeler, Phil & Karen Aragon, Amy & Sean King (sp?), MariJo & Lance Crouse, Pat Lippincott, Sheryl Holmberg, and Frank Bianco.

Treasurer's Report (Karen Aragon - treasurer@yorkgulch.com)

  • Karen Aragon, recently taking over the Treasurer position from Curtis DePoyster, gave the balances (see below).  She also provided additional income amounts taken in recently that are not yet provided in the account balances below.
  •   Emergency Fund Checking:$283.15
      Emergency Fund Savings:$9,657.17
      Homeowner’s Checking:$179.14
      Homeowner’s Savings:$5,225.21
      Total Accounts:$15,344.67


  • Unfortunately, Jim received only two letters in support of having the mailboxes moved and one of those was from the current owner of the mailbox property (not an HOA member).  (I say this as, I myself, never sent a letter and if/when this comes around again, we all need to try to do better if we want them moved).
  • Moving the mailboxes is currently on hold.  Not dead, but on hold until at least after Congress makes the decision as to whether or not Saturday delivery will continue.  That's the official reason given by the local post office as to why the move can't currently happen.

Volunteer Firefighter Needs

  • As mentioned from time to time in prior meetings, the Fire department is always looking for additional volunteers from our area.
  • Requirements are 50 hours training per year.
  • Interested parties should contact Kelly Babeon Fire Chief (kb@clearcreekfire.com) or Mark Abrahamson Deputy Fire Chief (marka@clearcreekfire.com).  Or you ask Jim Vogt (president@yorkgulch.com) for more info.

Pine Beetle

  • Jim reiterated that, in our neighborhood, the likely decimation of trees due to pine beetles will not cause so much and increased fire issue, at it will cause increased problems when the dead trees fall across roads, into structures, etc.  This will require a new approach to emergencies that will include chainsaws and winches as much as firefighting expertise.
  • Pine Beetle Spraying
    • Ryan of the Evergreen Lam Tree is expecting to be in our area in early July to spray trees for anyone who has requested the service.  If you've had him do the work for you in the past, you should have already been contacted to setup an appointment.  If not, you can email him at Ryan@lamtree.com or call Lam Tree at 303-674-TREE.
    • There were also flyers put on mailboxes for a local CSU Natural Resource student willing to perform spraying services.  Sean at 303-570-7639.
    • No recommendations being made here - just passing on the two parties mentioned at the meeting and adding contact info.

Eclipse Snow Part

  • Jim shared information from conversations he's had with some of the county commissioners.  Apparently, the Eclipse Snow Park development is on hold as of the last rejected proposal.

Fall River Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update

  • Matt Taylor indicated that the plan has been updated.  Signatures from HOAs will be requested such that grants to help implement the plan may be applied for from the state.
    Post meeting followup: The latest plan has been posted on the website under News and Information.

Egress Routes and Emergencies

I-70 Zipper Lane

  • CDOT is studying the possibility of a "Zipper" lane (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zipper_lane) that would be 15 miles in length and would include the corridor through Idaho Springs.
  • General feeling at the meeting was that this is not a good idea for our winding mountaneous roads where vehicles (including the zipper machines) often break downand can result in blocking the single lane of traffic in one direction or another.

Roads (John Bottomley - roadboss@yorkgulch.com)

  • The county currently grades York Gulch up to the Overlooked Way meadow.
  • The county has road base to spread on up to a mile's worth of York Gulch.
  • Regarding the HOA graded roads, most require road base in order to be properly maintained.  At this point, grading does little to help the roads and benefits are short lived.  
  • Last year only one company out of multiple called was willing to grade our roads without bringing in base.
  • The possibility of raising the road donation amount or including it in the dues in order to meet the additional costs of bringing in road base was discussed.  No specific actions are being taken at this point.
  • A motion was made to form a Road Committee to study the needs of the different York Gulch roads in order to determine the costs and incomes for those areas/roads.  
    • The desire is for the committee to be made up of at least one representative from each road area.
    • The motion was passed by all board members in attendance.
    • If you are interested in being on the committee, please email John at roadboss@yorkgulch.com

Phase II Land Aquisition Update

  • Jim indicated that any additional movement is not expected until 2011 or later. 
Overlooked Way Landowner Request
  • One of the landowners on lower Overloooked Way has requested that the GCCHLA (York Gulch HOA) extend maintenance below the address of 399.  Jim reviewed the road conditions and determined that without signifcant improvement of the road to bring it up to a gradable state (width and grade), that the HOA could not take on the additional responsibility and that portion of the road is considered driveway for residences on lower Overlooked.

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