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GCCHLA Board Meeting - June 21, 2011

GCCHLA MEETING June 21st, 2011

Location: DePoyster's Home
Time: 7:40PM
Adjourned:  9:15PM
Attendees (Board Members/Alternates):
Aragon, Karen
Bottomley, John
DePoyster, Curtis & Tina
Hicks, John
Huntoon, Heather
Ligget, John
Panelo, Sergio
Taylor, Matt
VanGeet, Otto
Vogt, Jim

Next Meeting: TBD
Previous Meeting Minutes Acceptance: Previous meeting minutes were accepted.


  • It was observed that there is a general lack of enthusiasm from both board members and HOA members. There was no disagreement to this assessment.
  • Current people on the board and attending the meetings appear to be the same core group of people as for the past few years with little change.
  • Jim pointed out that the mandatory dues somewhat recently discussed and written about are nothing new to the HOA and in fact, the more recent approach has been far less stringent and penalizing than what was originally approved back in 1978.

Road - General

  • Most of the discussion centered on road work, what has been done, what can be done, and what role both home owners and the HOA can and/or should play in facilitating and funding.
  • Observation: The HOA does not have a method to fairly accomplish road work.  (e.g., there is no exact breakdown/mapping of what areas of the neighborhood are paying for road).
  • There have been two recent projects completed on upper York Gulch.  These have been accomplished primarily through the local landowners (folks from Alpine Way and Pisgah) and not directly by the HOA.  (John Bottomley, the roadboss, facilitated and helped organize these projects)
  • Recovery vs Purchase of Road Base

o    The recent projects were largely recovery and redistibution of road base to help improve the road

o    Recovery road base is significantly less costly (probably by about half) than having road base delivered.

o    There is still available material that may be recovered from both Joe Eaton's land and from Pisgah Lake.

  • Roadboss Feedback

o    John indicated in the multiple conversations he's had with landowners a fairly consistent theme has emerged.  Most people feel that those who contribute (money, equipment, or labor) should be the first to benefit with road improvements.

o    This feedback is in line with the concept that people are saying they're willing to pay for their own work.  So maybe the HOA should move away from trying to be all things to all people and improve all roads equally.

o    What the HOA really needs regarding roads is a "predicable win".

  • A suggestion was made that even if the work being done is via local labor, maybe the HOA should treat this as hired work (albeit at a discounted rate) such that the local providers may recoup costs such as fuel, wear and tear, insurance, and even labor costs (especially when working on areas not to their benefit).
  • A few years ago, it was agreed that the HOA would provide the Pisgah residents a annual $500 stipend with which to perform their own road maintenance.  Last year's $500 was never provided so it was agreed that this should be done. 
  • Passed Motion: The paying of the $500 Pisgah Stipend will be re-evaluated going forward.  This was approved by all members in attendance.

Bringing Upper York Gulch Up to County Standards

  • An item for consideration is the possibility of bringing upper York Gulch (between Overlooked Way and the octopus) up to county standards such that the county could possibly take over the maintenance.
  • If possible, this would eliminate a large stretch of York Gulch currently only maintainable by either the HOA or individuals.
  • There are no guarantees that this is possible, but Matt Taylor has investigated the steps that would be required with the county.  These include:

o    Completion of a County Road Maintenance Application

o    A fee of $150 that would apply to the first 2/10 mile and $25 for each additional  1/10 mile.  This is estimated at 7/10 mile between Overlooked and Bald Mtn Rd bringing the fee to about $275.

o    An additional  fee of $150 would be required if any variances are requested.  Example, if the grade is greater than 6% (and it probably is) then a variance would be required.

o    Once the application is completed, the county conducts an alalysis of the road segment to indicate necessary improvements such as road base, widening, culverts, drainage, etc.

o    A hearing is then scheduled with the BOCC (Board of County Commissioners) to review the analysis and the BOCC makes a decision to consider maintaining the segment of road either with or without the improvements.

o    If approved, there is a a 1 year time period between decision to maintenance allowing the county to budget for the costs and/or allowing the requisite road improvements be made.

o    Once approved and county maintenance begun, there is an additional 2 year probationary period.  Once this expires, the county can elect to continue or cease maintenance.

  • Passed Motion: A motion was made to extend the $3500 that was approved at the last meeting and not yet depleted for road work through the end of this year.  All board members in attendance approved.


  • Unfortunately, although there was momentum and general agreement from the Post Office originally on moving the mailboxes to the Firehouse, the Post Office has since decided that they will not be moved.
  • Post board meeting note: Jim sent an email awhile back requesting people write in support of moving the mailboxes. He got almost no response.  From a more recent email he sent to the board (post meeting):
"I encourage any and everyone to contact Idaho Springs Postmaster Dena Presley and voice your safety concerns and her unwillingness to even try to work with our HOA to move and add mailboxes at our expense to dena.e.presley@usps.gov."
  • One other possibly is moving the mailboxes to the other side of Fall River.  This would possibly require excavation and consent of the landowner(s) involved.  Jim will try to look into this option more.

Pine Beetle Spraying

Additional Motions

  • Passed Motion: To spend up to $500 for the annual cleanup and a block party (no integrated meeting) this year was approved by all board members in attendance - Date to be determined.
  • Passed Motion: To allow email voting of the Board Members on issues that come up and require decisions between meetings.  This was passed by all board members in attendance with the understanding that alternates would not be included in email votes (since all board members should be able to respond).

Treasurer's Report (Karen Aragon - treasurer@yorkgulch.com)


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