Meeting: Huntoon House                       Adjourned   9 pm

Time:  7 pm

Attendees (Board Members):

   Bowman, Marci

   DePoyster, Curtis

   Gallaher, Dave & Judy

   Huntoon, Heather

   Penalo, Sergio

   VanGeet, Otto & Kelly

Next Meeting: Wednesday June 21 at 7 PM at Fire Station.

The previous meeting minutes were accepted.

Animal Control - what the Clear Creek County Animal Control laws mean to you - Marty Gitlin & Amy described laws.  Respect wildlife; do not let dogs run loose.  Try to resolve among neighbors if possible, contact Animal Control if needed.  If you contact Animal Control you need written specifics about the problems.

Small Tract Act update - Dave Gallaher – Dave has been working with the Forest Service.  The cost for the appraisals has been coming in unreasonably high ($100K).   Dave will meet with them again 5-3-06.  We have been working on this for 9 years!  Dave would also like to explore using the Fire Fund to pay for the appraisals for land surrounding the fire house.

Community mailboxes – Ann Morgan described her safety concerns and that some of the boxes are on her property according to her.  Heather will try to get a letter together to send to the Post Office, Jim Vogt will add his safety concerns from the Sheriff’s Office.  All Board members will be asked to sign the letter.  The best would be getting the County to allow GCCHLA to put mail boxes a short distance up York Gulch.

Evacuation Plan - Every Homeowners association is being asked to come up with an evacuation plan. We have a map with exits on the Web site. Amy and Marci described exits.

- The USFS is going to be holding several control burns near Columbine campground.

Curt will provide Marci with association papers (budget and financial statement) so that they may be added to the web site.  The Forest Service permit for GCCHLA members was renewed (late last year) for another year.

Jim and Otto described the anticipated $2.50 per watt PV Xcel purchase for RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).  Otto described the 30% federal rebate up to $2000 for PV.  The federal rebate applies to systems installed in 2006 & 2007.  For details see http://www.dsireusa.org/library/includes/incentive2.cfm?Incentive_Code=US37F&State=Federal&currentpageid=1&ee=1&re=1

Treasurer’s Report

Fire Checking $ 1,575.08        Homeowners Checking $ 1,015.44

Fire Savings $ 8,372.12          Homeowners Savings $ 6490.19


Rusty and Larry Kramer will talk to the county to see if they will take over maintenance on the main loop now that the “narrows” below Red Tail has been widened.  Rusty would like to work on Chinook to fix water “glacier” and steep sections.