Meeting: Fire House                  Adjourned   9 pm

Time:  7 pm

Attendees (Board Members):

   Bowman, Marci

   DePoyster, Curtis

   Doane, Bob

   Gallaher, Dave & Judy

   Hicks, John

   Huntoon, Heather

   Beckel, Laurie

   VanGeet, Otto

Next Meeting: The Annual meeting will be held September 9 at Fire Station.  Pot luck at noon, meeting starts at 1.

The previous meeting minutes were accepted.

Small Tract Act update - Dave Gallaher – Dave has been working with the Forest Service.  The cost for the appraisals has been coming in unreasonably high ($100K).   The Forest Service did the appraisals for $15K.  The final values are not known yet.

Evacuation Plan - Every Homeowners association is being asked to come up with an evacuation plan. We have a map with exits on the Web site.  Marci described exits.  The Hamlin gulch exit is block by a locked gate.  Marci is trying to get the Forest Service or Sherriff to remove the lock or get a combination lock.  GCCHLA will be sending owner a letter and copy the Forest Service or Sherriff.

Road Report – The County has done a great job adding road base and grading York Gulch up to Overlooked Way.

Community mailboxes –Jim Vogt is trying to get the County to allow GCCHLA to put mail boxes a short distance up York Gulch. Jim has raise safety concerns with the existing mailboxes.

Annual Meeting – Marci will work with Heather to coordinate the Annual meeting and who to invite.  The Annual meeting will be held September 9 at Fire Station.  Pot luck at noon, meeting starts at 1.

At the annual meeting new board members need to be elections for 

2007 Board of Directors candidates:


   Beckel, Laurie

   Bowman, Marci

   Butler & Hicks, Lynn & John

   DePoyster, Curtis & Tina

   Doane, Bob & Carol

   Gallaher, Dave & Judy

   Huntoon, Heather & Darrell

   McHale, Karen & Ryan

   Penalo, Sergio & Eva

   VanGeet, Otto & Kelly

   Matt & Missy Taylor

   Dave Stahl


Annual Dues – The annual dues will be raised to $45.  The 8 board members present voted in favor of raising the dues.  Dues need to be raised to cover expenses such as paying the Forest Service, insurance, etc.


Annual York Gulch Clean-up- will be held on Saturday July 22.  All paid GCCHLA members will be allowed free dump access.  Marci will be at the dump until noon.  The clean up will begin at 9 AM at Overlooked Way.  After the clean up a party will held at Overlooked beginning at 1, food will be provided.


Pine Beetle Strategy – You are NOT officially allowed to cut down any trees on Forest Service land, even infected trees.  If you cut down infected trees they should be hauled to Denver or sprayed with Seven and covered with heavy plastic.  There is a significant concern with dead trees adding to the already high fire danger.  Laurie will look into the availability of grants.


Xcel REC Rebates Otto described the $2.50 per watt PV Xcel purchase for RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).  Otto described the 30% federal rebate up to $2000 for PV.  The federal rebate applies to systems installed in 2006 & 2007.  For details see http://www.dsireusa.org/library/includes/incentive2.cfm?Incentive_Code=US37F&State=Federal&currentpageid=1&ee=1&re=1

For Xcel rebates see the Solar*Rewards website to include information about

the renewable energy credit (REC) purchase program and contract.  

Please use this link to review the program.


Please use this link to view the Solar*Rewards REC Contract.



Other issues:

Possible oil, antifreeze, great oil and other contaminants appear to have been dumped on lower Overlooked Way.  GCCHLA will write a letter to the county on this issue.


Treasurer’s Report

Fire Checking $ 1,576.69        Homeowners Checking $ 1,016.48

Fire Savings $ 8,372.12          Homeowners Savings $ 6,615.19