GCCHLA MEETING October 10, 2006

Meeting: Rusty and Jodie Stewart                      Adjourned   8:30 pm

Time:  7 pm

Attendees (Board Members):

   DePoyster, Curtis
   Gallaher, Dave & Judy
   Huntoon, Heather
   Vogt, Jim
   Penalo, Sergio
   VanGeet, Otto
   Taylor, Matt & Missy
   Wandrey, Craig
   Stahl, Dave – Alternate

Guest Speakers – Omer Humble of the Fall River Homeowners Association spoke about re-zoning of Eclipse Snow Park.  They are opposed to Eclipse Snow Park because of traffic, night lighting, noise and other issues.   A meeting to discuss Eclipse will be held next Wednesday, October 18 at 6:30 at the Clear Creek Middle School.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held Thursday March 22 at 7 PM at Jim and Stephanie Vogt's house.

The previous meeting minutes were accepted.

Small Tract Act update - Dave Gallaher – Dave has been working with the Forest Service.  Dave reported that they are about 6 weeks from final approval and that he needed checks from participants.

Evacuation Plan - Every Homeowners association is being asked to come up with an evacuation plan. We have a map with exits on the Web site.  The Hamlin gulch exit is block by a locked gate.  Scott Schaefer said that the gates are owned by the Forest Service.  The Hamlin gulch homeowners association has keys to gate.  Heather will contact Pat Morrison, Jim will check with county attorney.

Road Report – The County has done a great job adding road base and grading York Gulch up to Overlooked Way. The County will plow up to Overlook Way. The roads will be graded late October.  The two main loops are graded every year, secondary roads will be every other year unless excess funds are available.  Heather and Rusty passed out a 5 year grading plan.  Scott Schaefer offered to donate some of his time to help with road improvements.

Community mailboxes –Jim Vogt is trying to get the County to allow GCCHLA to put mail boxes a short distance up York Gulch. Jim has raise safety concerns with the existing mailboxes.  Jim has been talking the postal service and will continue to do so.

2007 Officers:

Treasurer:        DePoyster, Curtis
Secretary:        Stahl, Dave
Vice President: Beckel, Laurie
President:         Huntoon, Heather

2006-2007 Goals for GCCHLA - Heather passed out goals and asked everyone to review before next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Fire Checking $ 1,079.12            Homeowners Checking $ 1,037.27
Fire Savings $ 8,991.21             Homeowners Savings $ 11,780.21