GCCHLA MEETING March 22, 2007


Meeting: Jim Vogt residence


Time: 7:00 PM


Adjourned:  8:50 pm


Attendees (Board Members):


DePoyster, Curtis

Beckel, Laurie

Huntoon, Heather

Vogt, Jim

Doane, Bob

Taylor, Matt and Missy

Gallaher, Dave

Stahl, Dave- Alternate 


Guest Speaker: Kathleen Gaubatz, Clear Creek County government and former GCCHLA President. Stated that the gating of roads that have a pattern of public use of greater than 20 years require a legitimate purpose and/or permission from a regulatory authority.  Stated that Dan Lavato and the USFS have final say on the gating of Hamlin Gulch Road, a designated evacuation route for GCCHLA.  Stated that the GCCHLA evacuation plan should have three primary components: 1) Notification plan, which may include land lines and cell phone numbers, 2) Published evacuation routes and 3) An established staging area for residents to gather prior to exit. Also recommended that someone be designated to record the names of persons leaving the staging area and check it against a list of known residents so that we can account for all persons at risk. Recommended that residents consult ReadyColorado.com for advice on how to prepare a 72 hour evacuation kit (Curtis DePoyster said he would establish a link on the HOA website to this site). Stated that the county has applied for a county-wide fire defense plan that could cover the geographic region of GCCHLA and will apprise us of the program at a future meeting.


Next Meetings: The next meeting will be held Saturday, June 2316 after the picnic (Editor's note - date changed from 23rd to 16th after the meeting).  The picnic will start a 1:00 pm; in the morning we will have the annual York Gulch clean-up and noxious weed removal. Free recycling center services will be available. The annual meeting is scheduled for September 8.


The previous meeting minutes were accepted.


Small Tract Act Update: Dave Gallaher. Dave stated the first phase is at the last stage. Appraisals are underway and deed transfers should be completed in about two months.


Road Report: Debated the need for an emergency snow removal plan. Discussed the idea of creating a separate fund for snow emergencies. Suggestion was made that the fire emergency fund be renamed a general emergency fund so that moneys could be used for blizzard events. Motion was made to rename the fire fund to an emergency fund. Motion was made and approved by all board members in attendance (see board attendees). It is required that a board vote of 8 or more members be required for emergency allocations from this fund in order to ensure that these funds are not used lightly.


Road grading, ditching and culvert installment discussed in regard to the poor road conditions resulting from the severe winter.  Bids will be sought for these tasks and voted on by the board either at the next meeting or via email. It was suggested we consider a more detailed culvert installment plan and possibly increase the grading schedule for designated evacuation routes.


A motion was made and seconded to remit $700.00 to Dan Kisch for the delivery and use of snow removal equipment during the recent snow emergencies.  Heather Huntoon authored and mailed a thank you letter to Clear Creek County government for their snow removal services during the recent snow emergencies. 

It was suggested we retrofit existing fire fighting vehicles with snow removal equipment (i.e., blowers) for combating snow emergencies. The recommendation has been taken under advisement and will be discussed at the next meeting.


A big thank you to Rusty for all his hard work on the fall grading and emergency snow removal.


Community Mailboxes: Jim Vogt reported that the US Postal Service head of the Denver region will inspect the proposed relocation of mailboxes in late May.


GCCHLA Membership Promotion: Matt Taylor and Curtis DePoyster are working on completing an up-to-date list of property owners in the GCCHLA region. Heather Huntoon and Dave Gallaher have generated preliminary Welcome Packet information for new residents/ members and will have the packets ready in September. Jim Vogt said it is possible to amend our by-laws to require membership without covenants and will investigate this further.


Evacuation Routes: Matt Taylor created a GCCHLA map showing all roads, property ownership and proposed evacuation routes. Great job, Matt, this is a great resource for all members of our community. The proposed Hamlin Gulch evacuation route will not be confirmed until gating issues have been resolved. However, if you need to use the road for evacuation before the gating issue has been resolved, do so.


5-Year Plan: Heather Huntoon continues to collect member suggestions for the 5-year plan. An improved road-grading schedule seems to be the primary issue at this time. Please send your suggestions to Heather at your next convenience so that we can formulate a final plan in the near future.



2007 Officers:


Treasurer: DePoyster, Curtis

Secretary: Stahl, Dave

Vice President: Beckel, Laurie

President: Huntoon, Heather


Treasurer’s Report:


Fire Checking:                           $1082.70

Fire Savings:                             $9056.74

Homeowner’s Checking:             $1083.62

Homeowner’s Savings:               $8166.60


Total Accounts:                         $19,389.66