GCCHLA MEETING September 23rd, 2007

Location: York Gulch Fire Station


Time: 2:00PM


Adjourned:  4:00PM


Attendees (Board Members):


DePoyster, Curtis & Tina

Doane, Bob

Gallaher, Dave & Judy

McHale, Karen (Alternate)

Panelo, Sergio & Eva

Stahl, Dave (Alternate)

Stewart, Rusty

Taylor, Matt & Missy

VanGeet, Otto

Vogt, Jim

Wandrey, Craig


Next Meeting: The next meeting is expected to be held sometime in November 2007.


Previous Meeting Acceptance: The previous two meeting minutes were accepted.


Small Tract Act Update: Dave Gallaher.  Appraisals for phase one have been completed and are under review.  Phase two is expected to be modified and streamlined.


Road Report:  Grading by Ryan McHale is underway and ought to be completed in the near future.


Community Mailboxes: Jim Vogt reported that the USPS office determined York Gulch Road is unsuitable for mailboxes.  Stay tuned, this could change.


GCCHLA Home & Landowner list: Matt Taylor reports the list for both Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties has been completed.


Fire Department: Currently we have only one volunteer for the fire department. We risk losing the York Gulch Fire Station without additional volunteers. 50 hours annual training is required to be a volunteer.  However, volunteers may specify which duties they want to perform (driving, maintenance, rescue, etc.).


Environmental Health: Kathleen Gaubatz reports next summer the county will sponsor a two-day hazardous materials collection event.  Residents will have the opportunity to dispose of hazardous materials free of charge and everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the program.


Tentatively, David Stahl intends to establish a comprehensive listing of the non-hazardous materials that have been dumped on lands contained within the GCCHLA.  Examples would include plastics, metals, household trash, building materials, appliances and so on.  Soon we will have a form online for residents to report the locations of these materials.  Then we will investigate ways in which the materials can be removed and disposed.



Invited Speakers:


1)  Clear Creek County Animal Control, Marty & Staci: 

The animal shelter welcomes volunteers for walking and playing with dogs.  A spay clinic for cats will be held October 10, 2007.  Leash laws apply to all lands in Clear Creek County except for your own private property.  Call 303-679-2477 more information.


2)  Clear Creek County Commissioner, Kevin O’Malley:

Kevin outlined and endorsed the proposed increase in the mill levy for road construction and maintenance.  The proposed levy increase of 5.9 mils over eight years would raise the revenue required to repair existing public roadways and hire additional staff for the maintenance of county roads.  Kevin said York Gulch Road might be a candidate for chip sealing, which would improve the quality of the roadway.


3)  Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department, Sergeant Rick Safe:

Rick emphasized the recent increases in off-road (OHV) activity in Clear Creek County.  He is working to establish designated off-load and parking areas for OHV users and hoping to define the routes designated for off-road activity.


4)  Clear Creek County Emergency Management, Kathleen Gaubatz:

Kathleen said the St. Mary’s, Fall River and York Gulch communities have been placed in a designated fire protection plan group.  She also reported the county has received a grant for a county-wide fire mitigation program.  Plans for individual property owner mitigation will become available in the near future and everyone is encouraged to participate.  The fire evacuation routes for the York Gulch region will be tested with a mock (thank goodness!) fire scenario in the near future.


5)  Clear Creek County Land Use Group, Jo Ann Sorensen, Director:

Jo Ann encouraged York Gulch residents to report any problems related to illegal dumping of trash and hazardous materials to her department.  She also indicated possible avenues of support that could be pursued for the clean-up of non-hazardous materials dumped in our community.  She said the county already has a defined protocol for the clean-up of hazardous materials and encouraged residents to report these incidents.


Ballot Results:


1)  Mandatory Association Dues:  The measure requiring payment of annual GCCHLA membership dues (currently set at $50.00 per year) for all home and landowners within the GCCHLA boundary passed with the required two-thirds majority.  All home and landowners are now required to remit this fee annually.  The bylaws will be amended appropriately.


2)  GCCHLA Board of Directors:  The following are the results for the GCCHLA 2008 Board of Directors and alternates:


Beckel, Laurie

DePoyster, Curtis & Tina

Gallaher, Dave & Judy

Hicks, John (Alternate)

Huntoon, Heather & Darryl

McHale, Karen & Ryan

Panelo, Sergio & Eva

Stahl, David

Stewart, Rusty & Jodie

Taylor, Matt & Missy

VanGeet, Otto & Kelly

Vogt, Jim & Stephanie

Wandrey, Craig (Alternate)


2007 Officers:

(2008 officers will be elected at our next meeting by the new Board of Directors)


President: Huntoon, Heather

Vice President: Laurie Beckel

Secretary: David Stahl

Treasurer: Curtis DePoyster


Treasurer’s Report:


Emergency Fund Checking:        $283.15

Emergency Fund Savings:          $9,362.85

Homeowner’s Checking:             $265.07

Homeowner’s Savings:               $6,580.10


Total Accounts:                         $16,491.17