GCCHLA MEETING November 18, 2008 (Unapproved)

Location: Huntoon Residence

Time: 7:30PM

Adjourned:  8:30PM

Attendees (Board Members/Alternates):

DePoyster, Curtis
Gallaher, Dave & Judy
Hicks, John
Huntoon, Heather
Panelo, Sergio
Stewart, Rusty
Taylor, Matt
VanGeet, Otto & Kelly
Wandrey, Craig

Next Meeting: TBD

Previous Meeting Acceptance: The previous meeting minutes were accepted (both prior meetings). 

Officer Elections: Officers for the 2008-2009 year were voted in. 

President:         Heather Huntoon
Vice President:  Jim Vogt
Secretary:         Amy Sue Karshbaum (with Kelly or Otto VanGeet providing backup)
Treasurer:         Curtis DePoyster 

Rusty Stewart was also elected Road Boss with Mason Keene providing assistance. 

HOA Goals: The meeting attendees broke up into groups to define initial goals for the next year.  The goals determined are 

  1. Increase road fund donations
    1. Current donations are far from meeting current costs meaning that without increased funding, grading activities in the future will have to be severely curtailed.
      For instance, this year so far, members have given only $2700 towards the roads whereas the current cost (not including last year’s overrun for culvert installation) is almost $5000.
  2. Build a York Gulch HOA Kiosk (location to be determined)
    1. A kiosk could be used to post minutes, meeting schedules, a local map, information on the area, etc.
  3. Increase York Gulch Road Safety
    1. This would mean primarily working with the county to improve the safety of York Gulch and surrounding roads by encouraging things such as
      1. Getting the county to implement a regular grading schedule;
      2. Bringing up the possibility of chip sealing York Gulch; and
      3. Adding safety barriers for dangerous curves with steep drop-offs.

The next meeting will likely involve determining how some of these goals may be approached.

Road Grading: The general consensus was that the HOA road grading schedule needs to be moved up to take better advantage of weather and workable road conditions.  To this end:


Small Tracts Phase II: Laurie Beckel and Amy Karsbaum are currently working on organizing phase II of the land purchase.  More information will be emailed as it is determined.

Treasurer’s Report:

Emergency Fund Checking:        $283.15
Emergency Fund Savings:          $9,528.24
Homeowner’s Checking:             $138.15
Homeowner’s Savings:               $10,572.15

Total Accounts:                         $20,521.69