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Summary of GCCHLA Activities

Accomplished, In Progress, Planned
(Current as of Dec. 2000)

A list, with brief descriptions, of what GCCHLA has done (primarily in the past year), and is currently working on or planning for.

Road Maintenance

  Description: Annual maintenance, including letting of a contract, regular road grading and special damage repair. The even-year maintenance is more thorough than odd-year.
  Accomplished: Even-year thorough maintenance
  Current Issues: None.
  Future Action: Drafting and letting of next year's maintenance contract.
  Status: Ongoing. Contact Charlie as soon as possible if your road incurs damage; notify him by next summer for inclusion on driveway maintenance list (you pay the cost for driveway maintenance, but it is cheaper when done as a batch job).
  GCCHLA Source: Charlie Koopman, Road Boss (567-4195)
  See also: Road Permitting (below)

Land Acquisition (Small Parcel Purchase Act)

  Description: The mining claims look like "pick-up sticks", and the slivers of United States Forest Service (USFS) land in between is impossible for USFS to maintain. Therefore, Forest Service wants to unload, but rules apply, regulating the sale price and requiring a detailed survey. CCC is quite interested in some of the land (see "Zoning", below); and Central City definitely wants parcels that front York Gulch Road. Adjacent landowners, however, get first right of refusal.

Cost per acre will vary according to desirability of each parcel, but GCCHLA can lower significantly the overhead cost (surveys, environmental assessments, misc. other hoops) by submitting all requests in one batch.
  Accomplished: Homeowner requests have been collected, arranged, and submitted to USFS.
  Current Issues: Last-minute additions can still be made; see Dave Gallaher or contact the USFS directly (Sue Geenlea's phone number is in the Directory).
  Future Action: In USFS court. Payment for parcels purchased will not be required for about a year.
  Status: After CCC Commissioners zoning decisions in August 1999, their intentions are less worrisome; but Central City's plans have become more so.
  GCCHLA Source: Dave Gallaher
  See also: "Zoning" below and in Quik-Ref.

Road Permits

  Description: Two things are involved here:
  1. Permitting from USFS of the roads we currently use
  2. Opposition to official designation of every late-1800s wagon road that someone drove a cow up 35 years ago. [This is not a hypothetical situation; Spring Gulch from York to Red Tail was declared a "public highway" in 1999, and Consolidated Ditch was extended from Alpine to Red Tail in 2000 (Craig Wandrey is appealing the latter designation).]
  Accomplished: In response to GCCHLA actions, the following roads were officially recognized by USFS last year:
  Alpine Way
Big Meadow
Consolidated Ditch
Mule Deer Trail
Old Stage
Overlooked Way
Pisgah Rd.
Red Tail Ridge
Saddle Dr. (N & S)
York Gulch
several unnumbered USFS roads
Obtaining permits for these roads means that we're officially legal in using (and maintaining) these roads located on USFS property.

In regards the preservation of old wagon roads as wagon roads, Pres. Dave Gallaher informed the County Commissioners that GCCHLA would amend its Master Plan (filed with the county in late 1996) to address this issue. The Commissioners agreed to receive it.

  Current Issues: Identify the wagon roads that we want declared unused and unusable; support vacating the lower portion of Consolidated Ditch.
  Future Action: Write a section concerning these roads, append it to the Master Plan, and present it to the CCC Commissioners.
  Status: Important.
  GCCHLA Source: Larry Kramer
  See also: "Roads" entry in Quik-Ref for more information.)

Pine Beetle Control

  Description: USFS, CDW, and Jefferson County predicted 1998 would be the first of several years of the next pine beetle infestation, and they gave a series of lectures on how to spot and treat the outbreak. Look at "Beetle Kill Hill" (the west side of York Gulch below Saddle Dr.) for the results of the cycle when it goes untreated.
  Accomplished: Treatment materials (Lindane, 3-gal spay canister, and clear plastic) purchased; eight personnel trained; approx. 25 trees treated in the last two years -- during which time the infestation exploded in many other areas.
  Current Issues: Nothing this winter; start looking for newly infected trees beginning in late spring.
  Future Action:
  1. Identify infected trees: (The signs should appear in late spring.) Mark them for treatment.
  2. Treat infected trees: Fell, wrap, and use Lindane or sunlight to kill the beetles. Work should be completed before end of July, and must be finished the first week of August.
  3. Prevent next infestation: Identify trees you want to spray preventively, and spray them before Aug.
GCCHLA plans to be prepared for action each year; the Pine Beetle article in the Archive has step-by-step instructions. It will be brought out next summer and placed in the "Urgent Action" page.
  Status: Ongoing for several years.
  GCCHLA Source: Bill Sanders (south end); Otto van Geet (north end).
  See also: Colorado State has a detailed article -- but it's in PDF format; click here first to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Central City: Pipeline / Access / Eureka Valley

  Description: Central City hasn't benefited from gambling and is now in dire financial straits. Their response: several large projects, half public works (so they'll need bond approval for each item), half entrepreneurial (and you can tell from any City Council meeting whose pockets they're in). The plans that affect YG most are:
  • proposed water pipeline up YG
  • possible "back door" access road up YG
  • planned Eureka Valley development.
The three are distinct but inseparable.
  Accomplished: Attended meetings in Central, GT, and IS; talked at length with Web Sill (Gilpin's largely supportive Commissioner); and lobbied all three CCC Commissioners (repeatedly).
  Current Issues: Nothing imminent
  Future Action: There are several possible actions, the least drastic two described below:
  • Identify (and quantify!) the negative impacts on CCC. (A county has more power to stop Central's actions than any landowner alliance.)
  • Convince Central that going up YG would be so expensive (environmental studies, individual litigation, etc.) that almost anything else would be preferable.
  Status: Ongoing
  GCCHLA Source: Mark Fowler
  See also: xxx

Web site

  Description: Two YGers have attached several pages to their company Web site. There are pages for upcoming events, urgent news, the previous GCCHLA minutes, and this page of actions taken and pending. You will need Internet access (through an ISP such as AOL or Prodigy, or by using a public library) to view the pages. The URL is www.scribble-count.com/GCCHLA/ Type the path exactly; there is no link from the Scribble & Count HomePage. (Hint: When you get to the GCCHLA HomePage, save the URL using Netscape's Bookmark, or IE's Favorites selection, so you don't have to type it in each time.)
  Accomplished: 30+ pages created and posted. Total is slowly increasing.
  Current Issues: None.
  Future Action: Maintain currency; receive input for additions/improvements; consider installing search engine.
  Status: Ongoing
  GCCHLA Source: Bill Sanders   |   Marci Bowman

Welcome Pamphlet

  Description: Actually, it's primarily an "advisory" pamphlet, warning new or prospective landowners about zoning, access, snow removal, power, animals, etc. Everyone (except a couple of unnamed RE agents) will be better off if this information is available.
  Accomplished: Pamphlet has been produced in paper, and posted on the Website [link]
  Current Issues: Place in special box at intersection of York Gulch and Fall river Road.
  Future Action: Keep information current.
  Status: Monitor.
  GCCHLA Source: Marci Bowman
  See also: xxx


  Description: Late in 1999, the CCC Commissioners decided what to do with their BLM windfall (and what they propose to do with Forest Service land when the USFS pulls out of YG.
  Accomplished: Provided input to CCC Commissioners; got most of the preservation we wanted. (Note: But Central City is also interested in pieces that front York Gulch Rd.)
  Current Issues: 1.  Need to apply now to purchase.
2.  Possibility of Central-USFS land swap.
  Future Action: To be determined by events.
  Status: Monitor.
  See also: Land Acquisition (above); Central City (above).

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