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General News

Sand and Barrels
55-gallon barrels for sand are available: Larry Kramer has plastic barrels, and Ryan McHale has metals ones. The county has indicated that they may supply sand; contact Larry.

Telecommunications Inventory in CCC
First round of the Telecomm survey will focus on services that can be immediately supplied from the I-70 fiber laid last year -- and since we already have copper and are beyond DSL's 18,000 foot limitation, we're out of luck in that direction. See update of telecomm article for more information concerning our alternatives. [Hint: your choices are (a) Dave Gallaher's expensive ISDN, (b) the expanding satellite, or (c) the status quo.]

Pine Beetles
We shouldn't have any more problem than last year -- but we have to identify them earlier if they are on USFS land. They thanked us for our concern, hauled me into US District Court in Denver ($75), and told me to route treatment requests through them this year. It's a good thing we got ahead of the curve when we had a chance; drive through Tiny Town and down Turkey Creek if you want to view the alternative to our actions in 1999-2001.

Rev. 16-Dec-01
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