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Urgent Action Required

Fire Pre-Evacuation Checklist
We've had three large fires all around us already this year; it's beginning to feel like a game of grade school dodgeball, with us in the center.

Amid all the good material written so far, we haven't been able to find a good "final hours" checklist -- so we wrote one. It requires Acrobat Reader, as does the Fire article mentioned in the Checklist. Here are the links:

Download Acrobat Reader   |   Checklist (PDF)   |   Fire Article (PDF)

Report Off-Road Violations
Off-road vehicles tear up the terrain, make noise, and add to pollution because they aren't under strict emissions controls. That bothers some of us more than others.

We've been watching off-road use for six years, and it's spinning out of control: there are more of them and each one is doing more damage. We don't have scientifically valid statistical data to back this theory up; but after watching the casual way some have treated cigarettes and campfires (and the hostility with which they've met any suggestions that their rights were not absolute and inviolable), it has occurred to us that these folks are particularly dangerous sorts to have around dry, combustible material, which in turn surrounds our houses:

  • disregard, disrespect, and self-centeredness are rarely isolated instances;
  • vehicles travelling off-road are often over dry, combustible materials.
I've floated this thesis to other CCFA fire fighters off the record, and it sounds valid to them, too. Therefore, please report all such violations to the Sheriff's office (303/569-3232). Write the number down and tape it to your cell phone or put it in the glove compartment, etc. The sooner we get that personality type out of the Gulch, the better.

Battery Locations
The YG Firehouse really does need to know where your batteries are located. Those things are volatile and dangerous, so fire fighting techniques are adjusted accordingly. We want to save your house and we want to protect ourselves; both goals are furthered if we know where your batteries are located.

A rough sketch of the footprint will do. Include an arrow for North, identify any access roads/driveways, locate the batteries, and note any hazard or aid (underground cistern). Deliver the sketch anyway you want:
  • Bring it to the next meeting;
  • Give it to Brian Oppenheimer;
  • Give it to any member of the Board;
  • Mail it to York Gulch Fire Dept., POB 237, Idaho Springs 80452;
  • Wedge it in the FH door.
Rev. 18-Aug-02
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