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November 18, 2008

Emergency Exits

The sinkhole awhile back closed York Gulch for a little more than four hours; mudslides, snowslide, or a fire emergencies would present a similar predicament. (The avalanche five months earlier stranded even those who knew alternate routes, unless they had a snowmobile; some things are just beyond preparation.)

There are three good routes out of YG that don't use the "main drag", and one emergency only route. These (and two loops that detour around problem on the upper and middle portions of YG are described, with a map.

Evacuation Information

An Evacuation Checklist is available. It is in PDF; if necessary, download free reader first.

Kathleen (Krebs) Gaubatz is the Clear Creek Director of Emergency Preparedness. She spoke at the June 2004 Board meeting and again at the March 2007 meeting and offered the following tips:

  • www.ReadyColorado.com - Residents should check out this website for advice on preparing a 72 hour evaculation kit.

  • The 4 P's - Photos, Papers, Pets, Pills - these are the things most people want to save if you don't have much advanced warning. Know where they are.

  • Leave your doors Unlocked - White flag program. Make white flags for all your doors, this tells the fire dept. that you have left. You can also put a flag at the end of your driveway with your address on it, if your house can't be easily seen from the road. This also tells the fire dept that you have left and this saves a lot of time for fire personnel.

  • The EPN (emergency network) will also call your home and tell you to evacuate.

HINT: Thrift Stores often have inexpensive white sheets - cut into six pieces. Close in the door, so it hangs mostly to the outside. If your front door can't be seen from the road, hang a flag somewhere visable to the road as well.

Noxious Weed Alert
Warning - New noxious weeds found in the Gulch

Black henbane

Black henbane

Photo by Sandra Butler

I found this information from various Web sources. A real nasty character! If you find this weed, dig up, bag and distroy.

Black henbane is a Mediterranean native that was introduced as an ornamental and medicinal plant in the 17th century. It spreads by seeds and plants have been found near Alpine Rd and Forget Me Not Lane in York Gulch. Black henbane is narcotic and poisonous to humans.

Description: Erect annual or biennial herb with coarse, hairy stems; leaves alternate, simple, toothed; flowers axillary, tubular, 5-parted, greenish yellow or yellowish with purple veins; fruit a capsule.

Symptoms: Salivation, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid pulse, convulsions. HIGHLY TOXIC, MAY BE FATAL IF EATEN.

Chinese clematis

Chinese clematis

The State of Colorado and Clear Creek County are making a serious effort to destroy the Chinese clematis, a fast growing noxious weed that covers and kills trees and shrubs in its path. I have seen at least one instance of Chinese clematis along lower York Gulch before Chinook. If you see any instance of this weed, feel feel to destroy and remove it. If it is on a neighbor's property, you might want to enlist their help. Recent weather conditions have increased the spread of this nasty weed. Inaction is not an acceptable option.

Good source for more information: http://co.gilpin.co.us/weeds/ChineseClematis.htm

Weather / Road Conditions
There are several good weather sources on the Web:

Current Conditions
WeatherCam. We've added a link (www.pinecam.com) to a Web page with more than a dozen regional weather shots, including Floyd Hill, Idaho Springs, Empire Junction, Georgetown Hill, and the Eisenhower Tunnel. View is updated every couple hours. There is also a link to Colorado State Road conditions on the page.

Colorado Dept. Transporation. The CDoT page has been redesigned and the travel information has been spun off to a separate URL: www.cotrip.org. The link provided here should take you directly to the road conditions page; if not, you'll find the link at the top of the left-hand column of the main page. There are also pages for public transport, winter driving (including tips, chain requirements, snow removal information), current traffic, video cam, and construction (including T-REX) that are available from the home page.

www.cnn.WEATHER/com Best weather currently available online; everything else is either over the Divide or down in the hot, humid flatlands where the dense air disrupts weather patterns. Enter ZIP halfway down HomePage on right side; Dumont station shows up.

www.weather.com (Enter ZIP at top; 10-day forecast, dew point, map with motion.)

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